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ONCE AGAIN - Brenda Bennett

March 2018

Produced by Brenda Bennett and George Dussault

All songs written or co-written by Brenda Bennett except "17 Days"- Prince


AFTERSHOCK - Lil' Shaky and the Tremors

November 2017

Produced by Chris Vachon

Brenda Bennett - Backing Vocals on:

Your the Kind of Trouble

Slipped Tripped and Fell in Love

I'd Rather Be Blind

Crippled and Crazy


A CAPELLA - Brenda Bennett

April 2011

Produced by Brenda Bennett

All songs written by Brenda Bennett


LOVE SHADOWS - Remix - Arista Records

Spring 1987

Written, arranged, and produced by De Harris

Brenda Bennett - Backing vocals


APOLLONIA 6 - Warner Brothers Records

October 1, 1984

Produced by Prince and Apollonia 6

All songs written by Prince and Apollonia 6 with the exception of "A Million Miles" and "Some Kind of Lover" written by Brenda Bennett


VANITY 6 -Warner Brothers Records

August 11, 1982

Produced by Prince and Vanity 6

All songs written by Prince and Vanity 6 with the exception of "Bite the Beat" written by Brenda Bennett and Jesse Johnson


KEN LYON and TOMBSTONE - Columbia Records

April 1974

Produced by Ken Lyon, Mike Lewis, and Stu Wiener

A mix of original and cover material

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