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Origin:  Providence, RI
Genres: Urban/R&B; Funk/Country Swing
Short Bio

Life's mysteries and highways are not always explained to us. We are met with certain destinies – some of which are fulfilled and some which remain open-ended, never to be chased. Some doors in life we are lucky to enter and close behind us while others stay slightly ajar, swinging and teasing with a taunting nag.

In the mid 80s, it was the destiny of musician Brenda Bennett, who had recorded and sung the world over as a member of Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6, to record a solo album under the guise of her mentor Prince. It never came to be.

After a farewell concert in 2016 Brenda told journalists she planned to take it easy. The possibility of a 2nd CD after her solo CD "A Capella" was not out of the cards but also not a priority. It was here when fate intervened. When Prince died in April that same year not only were his fans left shocked, but his former associates and collaborators were blindsided.

While Prince was laid down to eternal rest a flame ignited Brenda Bennett and thoughts returned to that unrecorded solo album from the 1980s. What was once a destiny had become an afterthought and a missed opportunity. But was it? Inspired by her grief and the legacy of her mentor, Brenda dove headfirst into her second solo album, titled “Once Again.”

The album that was never made in the 1980s was now going to be made. Encouraged by her fans' response, Bennett embarked on a creative journey that would put certain ghosts to rest, ignite new fires, close some of the doors to the past, and open new ones for the future.

On “Once Again” Brenda Bennett reaches her full potential as an artist, singer, and musical force. The ten tracks unfold like a journey through time touching on loss, gain, power, love, life, and death. This album is a career best and a personal triumph. Prince would be very proud.



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